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The Rules and Guidelines of the Witch.net Message Board

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The Dark Lady
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Queen of the Damned

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 24, 2005 2:36 am    Post subject: The Rules and Guidelines of the Witch.net Message Board Reply with quote


1. No images, links, or anything else related to the following:
  • Pornography: if you'd get fired from work for viewing it on the job, then what makes you think we'd want it here?
  • Racial discrimination: don't post anything stupid you'd be taken to court over.
  • Religious proselytization: no one here wants to convert to your damn religion, whether it be Christianity, Wicca, or something "fabulous" you just made up yourself.
  • Unendorsed commercial advertisement: no, we don't want to visit your casino.

Violators of this rule will have their accounts deleted and IP's banned on sight.

2. No spam. Spam includes any or all of the following:

  • Duplicate posts with the same message copy/pasted into them.
  • Worthless posts meant to increase one's post-count.
  • Messages of immense stupidity meant to provoke the community and/or administration.
  • Advertising of all goods and services without permission of the owner of the board. Leaving single one-time postings that advertise one's psychic services or separate websites will be deleted immediately.
  • Any other posts administration finds annoying or possibly litigious. This includes, but is not limited to, insults and obscene references to moderators and administrators; posts attempting to sell illicit drugs or otherwise advising people to engage in illegal activities; posts containing potentially libelous statements; etc..

3. No suicide posts allowed. No replying to suicide posts allowed. Any such posts will be deleted on sight with the author's account disabled. This is not a suicide hotline, and we're not legally able to help in any way. Don't put us or yourself in danger by posting suicide messages here. Seek immediate help from real trained professionals; they're the ones who're there for you.

4. Policies on image sizes:
  • Avatars: Height is not normally an issue; width is. If your posts are usually longer than the height of your avatar, don't worry about it. However, avatar width should not go past the join date underneath it. Look around at all the other members' avatars for examples of how wide your's is allowed to be.
  • Signatures: Both height and width are an issue here. If your signature makes the page take too long to download, or if your image is much, much bigger than the majority of the other members' sigs, then it has to go. Always keep your signature at a modest size.
  • Posted images: if an image you post is so big that it breaks the frames of a page, or takes the page too long to load as a result, then link to it instead of posting it directly. If a member of administration sees that you've unwittingly violated this rule, then the image will be converted to a link for you.

If you're having trouble resizing or hosting your preferred personal images, contact me (The Dark Lady) and I'll gladly help you out. :)

5. Most importantly, don't fuck with the community. :)


For Continuing Members

1. Always be respectful and considerate to everyone who, in your honest judgment, deserves it. There are no rules governing how "civilly" you're supposed to behave to one another. If anything, just do everyone else the courtesy of being honest at all times. It's your prerogative to say whatever you want to whomever you want at any time. No one's forcing you to be nice to someone whom you're having personal disagreements with. However, if you want to start all-out war on someone or some group, take it to the Inferno or some other more private medium.

2. Remember how you were treated as a new member of this community. Whatever you would have changed about the old members' treatment of you, reflect in your treatment of new members.

New Members, Pay Attention!

3. Do not a) appear only once with a frantic plea for spells, advice, or other help; or b) show up weeks-months later to thank the people who responded to you. This is extremely rude to the people who took the time to try to help you.

4. Never type a normal message in all caps. All caps means you're shouting and makes your message sound like a screaming retard wrote it. If you're having a bad day and want to "scream" in all caps because you can't do so in real life, then make yourself at home in the Inferno.

5. Try not to use more than three exclamation marks in your post's subject-title. People who type things like "OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE HELP MEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" are not likely to be respected or answered politely. In the body of your post, please also refrain from breaking the page's frames with too many exclamation or question marks. We get annoyed when people do that.

6. Be as specific in your questions as possible. Vague questions will only leave us asking, "What the hell are you talking about?"

Bad question: "how kin I git sum physic powrs????????"

Good question: "Would anyone please give me advice as to how I can strengthen my visualization/concentration skills? I've already tried . . ."

7. Don't post the same message in multiple forums. We don't need help finding just one copy.

8. If no one has replied to your post, don't ask, "Y izn't ne1 replyng 2 my post?!?!?!" It should be obvious that at least one of two things is the case: nobody has seen it yet, or nobody wants to respond to it (so stop trying to make them; it's not helping your cause).

9. Don't make stupid polls just because you feel like making one. Just don't.

10. If you've just arrived here, don't start welcoming other new members to the board as if you've lived here your whole life. You'd think it was pretty rude if someone you didn't even know suddenly moved into your house and thought he or she could welcome other people into your home, wouldn't you?

11. Don't expect to be welcomed into our family immediately with open arms. We don't have to like every new person who joins the board, and you shouldn't expect us to. As an online community, we reserve the right to like, dislike, love, hate, and feel neutral toward anyone who posts here. It takes time to prove yourself likeable and be accepted by a group, so remember that when you can't understand why we're all not gushing with affection toward you. Stick around and see what happens.

Thank you for reading the Rules & Guidelines of the Witch.net Message Board! If you haven't, be prepared to suffer the consequences. :)

R&G revision 2.01

What though the field be lost?
All is not lost -- the unconquerable will,
And study of revenge, immortal hate,
And courage never to submit or yield
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